Developing Talents, Unleashing Potential


At Kaleidoscoppe we believe that “the only limit to creation is your imagination”!

The idea for the business came to us while observing our kids playing with robotic LEGO and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) like toys. As the parents of 4 children and one grand child we are always looking for creative and unusual ways to educate, entertain, and connect to our children no matter their ages.

We saw how they opened up, developed their creativity, and united into a team.

The game helped us to connect with our kids and made our relationships much stronger. We want to give the same chance to other families and allow their kids to have the same experiences.

Our mission is to provide the younger generation of Barrie and surrounding areas with a place where they can connect, develop their talents and potential, meet new friends, and become more active and involved with others, rather than spending so much time playing computer games by themselves.

Kaleidoscoppe is a place where parents can connect with their kids while creating something together.

About Kaleidoscoppe


At our centre we will be providing products and services that allow everyone to develop their imaginations, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It also stimulates imagination and logical thinking, improves memory, vision, enhances coordination, and boosts team work.

We are the only play ground in the Barrie region to offer all this under one roof: LEGO, K’nex, Smart Gears, Robotics and much more.

We also offer a multi level play structure that promotes fun and challenging physical activities for your kids.

Our specialty educational classes are designed to help your kids learn by using the STEM approach: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Come and celebrate your child’s birthday. We have a variety of different party packages for you.

Our playground centre also offers a kids cafe with healthy and yummy snacks to satisfy your hunger. Enjoy our open patio and relax in the fresh air with a nice cup of herbal tea after a busy day.

Our Amazing Staff



Co-founder, Creative Mastermind

Sergey, professional DJ turned LEGO handyman, is always there to save the day from any mishaps or technical difficulties. Just like a Papa Bear, he’s all about providing the best for his family. He’s a true, caring soul and will always be there to roll with the punches. The Yes-Man to Oxana, and all around vibrant personality, Sergey is most definitely a cherished character to have around to keep us all laughing. 



All stuffed into 5 foot 2 inches, Tessa is a wild firecracker that can handle any and every obstacle thrown to her. With her common attributes of a British hubby, an avid chic boxer, and Harry Potter fan, she always has a topic of conversation to entertain you with. It definitely is no question to see that Tessa loves her job and the people around her. She will go out of her way to make sure you’re happy and her selflessness is one of many, many reasons why we love having her here at Kaleidoscoppe. 



Maya, with her everlasting love of Titanic, music, beauty and gentle soul, is a natural born leader. Her attentiveness when talking to co-workers and customers is nothing short of enviable and refreshing. With such a strong and wise head on her shoulders, she is unstoppable in her work ethic and general humanity.


Entertainment Team

Cadence, the newest addition to our team, has quickly proven herself to be a natural with kids. Her maternal instinct is very prevalent, and she’s always there if you need someone. Her energetic personality is not one to fly under the radar, and sparking up a conversation with her is far from difficult. Cadence was welcomed into our family with open arms and we are more than blessed to have her here on our team.


Co-founder, Visionary

Oxana, the Mama Bear of Kaleidoscoppe, is the beauty and the brains of the facility. Even while dealing with the utmost stress, she still manages to keep a smile on her face. Constantly treating every staff member and customer like her own cubs, she’s always got the right remedies to help treat whatever it is that you may be going through. A definite creative and loving spirit like her’s is not one to be taken for-granted. It is very simple to say that she is living her dream seeing Kaleidoscoppe operate every day.


Entertainment Team

Kayleigh, our star contest runner, is over-flowing with confidence and a passion to instil the same within every child that enters Kaleidoscoppe. A voice of encouragement is almost always guaranteed when you’re in her presence. Constantly greeting you with positivity, Kayleigh is a helpful hand sure to keep you on your feet! 


Entertainment Team

Gill, dance and Titanic lover, enters every shift with a gleaming smile. Despite the fact of being the youngest in our team, she shines just as bright as anyone else. Given her diligent personality, Gill is always ready to take on any challenge given to her. She does everything with ultimate grace, and puts 110% into everything she does. It is easy to see how easily Gill takes on a sisterly role towards the children she interacts with here at Kaleidoscoppe!

Thus Spoke the Parents