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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking 💡 is all about asking questions, and making sure you ask the right questions. In simple terms, critical thinking is using information and facts around us to form a judgement or understanding. It is easy for us as people, and especially children, to get stuck in the...

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Reading and Writing

Are you looking for a way to strengthen your child’s communication skills? Looking to spark creativity and curiosity? Interested in finding a way to entertain your child away from a screen, that is educational while still being fun? Reading and writing just might be your answer! Some benefits...

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Mental Math

Has math become your child’s worst nightmare? Are they finding it dull and difficult? It can be quite tricky to stimulate your child’s interest in math, but boosting their enjoyment can lead to better results! So, how can we help children develop a positive outlook towards math? There’s several...

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