Kaleidoscoppe Summer Camp

Four exciting programs!

A summer full of adventures!

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  • WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA! Step inside our magical world and explore wizardry and wonder in this Harry Potter filled week! Games of Quidditch, potion making and fantastic beasts will appear at the wave of a wand.
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  • Get your SPY gadgets out and get ready to solve cases during our Spy Kids week! Clue by clue you will complete your mission with a little help from your inner superhero. Escape the darting lasers and dust for fingerprints in this action packed adventure.
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  • Soar through our solar system in a Galaxy Quest to restore the heart of Kaleidoscoppe! Planet-saving missions, alien creatures, and orbiting adventures await you during this gravity-defying week!
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  • Calling all time travelers! Come build a time machine, experiment with science and travel throughout the past and future where historians, robots and futuristic creatures await! Change time and race to get back to the future before it’s too late!

Date & Time

Dates: July 8 – August 30, 2019 (weekly)
Hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Extended care: 7:30am-9:00am / 4:00pm-6:00pm

1 hour a day for 1 week-$25

1.5 hour a day for 1 week-$35

2 hours a day for 1 week-$45

All class materials and field trips are included in the price.


1 week – $275
2 weeks – $540
4 weeks – $1060

Refer a friend or bring a sibling price (each):

1 week – $270
2 weeks – $530
4 weeks – $1040

*Call or email us to register multi weeks/kids discounted price and payment plan

Additional Info

Age: 5 to 12 years old

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Meal Plan from famous restaurants!

All 5 days only for  $37

What Parents Say...

Every 2019 Camp Includes:



Arts and Crafts Classes

Our classes at Kaleidoscoppe will leave your kids hungry to learn more! Kids will participate in a 40-minute class every day with trained professionals to do hands-on learning and skill building exercises.

  • Arts and Crafts – Use your fun imagination to paint, draw, sculpt and create works of art
  • Robotics – Learn coding and programming on your own robots using S.T.E.M
  • Science – Conduct exciting experiments using chemistry, teamwork and formulas

Field Trips

Field trips will be the talk of the week with adventures for all. These everyday activities, expenses included, will include the leading number of entertainment spots for each and every child!

  • Creative Cafe – Be your own artist and learn how to do pottery, paintings and sculptures alike
  • Vertical Zone – Feel like you’re flying at this exciting gymnastics park
  • Zootek – Meet exotic animals and learn about their natural habitats
  • Jack’s Urban Jungle – Zip line, climb and strengthen your limits with this indoor adventure park
  • Champs Taekwondo and Martial arts – Learn the ancient art of self-defense and teamwork while getting in a workout!
  • Glow in the dark Golf – Putt around at this neon-lit golf course for a fun change of pace! Cheer on fellow golfers and cheer when they sink that hole in one!

*Please Note:   All activities and Field trips will be related to that week of the theme!*

Special Guests

Let the show begin as we present someone of a kind, fantastic entertainers! Watch in awe and be at the ready with your smiliest faces as your photo gets taken with these jaw-dropping performers!

Magician – Meet the master of illusion and levitation! will have you completely captivated during this private performance at Camp Kaleidoscoppe where he will also teach each kids magic tricks of their own!

Zootek – Get ready for Zootek- an interactive animal show where your kids will learn hands on about exotic animals and creatures. Though bred in captivity, you will learn about each animals habitat and history. Zootek takes your kids out of their comfort zone and into a therapeutic place by letting them pet and hold each animal!

Pirates and Princesses – Meet swashbuckling pirates and beautiful princesses as they travel through time and out of the movie screen to play games and meet your kids in person! Listen to their adventures and watch as they dazzle, bringing your prince or princess into fairy tales and aboard pirate ships!

Smile Group Bubble Show – Bubbles bubbles everywhere at Camp Kaleidoscoppe! Smile group Canada will perform a unique and fascinating bubble show ! Using street theatre, these performers will catch your little ones eye and have you entranced by thousands of floating bubbles as they invite them to be part of their exciting show!

Adventure Games and Nature

Fresh air and sunshine will benefit your child! Kids will feel refreshed with our outdoor excursions and adventure games! Get ready for scavenger hunts, face painting and ice cream filled picnics! We make sure that each moment spent outdoors is enjoyed to the fullest ability and that each child feels rejuvenated feeling the nature around them.

Play and Learn Zoo

Animals are so much fun!

These include slithering snakes, scaly lizards, giant rabbits, cuddly hedgehogs, web-weaving spiders, squawking parrots, tubular turtles and more!

S.T.E.M Activities

All Kaleidoscoppe Camps incorporate programs that engage campers in fun science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities that are designed to foster an interest in the subject.

Every one of our 2019 Thematic Camps includes at least five STEM activities along with daily field trips, physical activities, and theme-based adventures.

Harry Potter Camp Exclusive

Wizardry, spells, potions and Hogwarts will come to life for your young witch or wizards at our summer camp! Wand making and quidditch are only a few Harry Potter-ish adventures that will enchant and captivate during a week that won’t soon be forgotten!

Spy Kids Camp Exclusive

Let your youngin indulge in a world of mystery solving and ultra cool spy gear! Superheros and villians will take over in this fun filled week of investigation and inquest. Crack the case and let your inner spy claim victory!

Back to the Future Camp Exclusive

The past, present and future will be at your fingertips during this thrill seeking week! Science, robots and history collide to create a time stopping experience for your kids! Who knows what adventures await them, or will times be changed in the process…!

Galaxy Quest Camp Exclusive

With the solar system as their playground, your little astronaut will save Planet Kaleidoscoppe during this week of stargazing and alien spotting! Get lost in spatial learning and accomplishing special galaxy quests, making them proud to return to earth!

What Parents Say...

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Cancellation / Refund Policy


4 weeks‘  notice in advance of the start of the camp:  50 % refund and 50% store credit minus $25 processing fee.

* Less than 4 weeks‘ notice:  25% refund  and 75% store credit minus $25 processing fee

* Less than 2 weeks‘ notice – 50% store credit only.

* No refunds will be given for days when a camper is absent, and missed days cannot be made up or early removal from the program

* A refund due to medical reasons may be considered if a written request is received within a week of the missed session and is accompanied by a doctor’s note.



Campers can be transferred at no charge to another week in the same season with at least 2 weeks notice if space is available in the requested week and theme.