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Drop-in - Play, Learn, and Bond!


Work Hours

11am – 7pm on Tue, Wed, Thu.

10am – 8pm on Fri, Sat, Sun


$15* per child 2 years or older. $10* per child 1-2 years old.
Free for children of up to 12 months of age.

One parent free. $10* for additional parent.
Second parent is Free for families with 3+ children.

Tuesday Special

All admisions are 30% OFF

* All prices are subject to HST

Indoor playground Barrie

Socks-Only Environment

Please note, that Kaleidoscoppe is the socks-only environment. You can also purchase a pair at the counter 😉


Accessible Play Centre

We are proud to offer our services to peole with disabilities.
Our Centre is 100% accessible-friendly.

State of the Art Play Zone

Drop-in playtime provides kids a great opportunity to work on their social skills by building and playing with other LEGO® and K-NEX enthusiast and they can create, explore, and have fun building with thousands of small bricks.

Play with Your Children!

At Kaleidoscoppe, our mission is to create an amazing atmosphere for children and parents so they can bond, play, and create together. The Play Centre is packed with developing toys, creative building sets, and fun!

Work while they Play!

Need to wrap-up your project while your child is learning and having fun?  Enjoy our cozy cafe with a wide choice of vegetarian beverages and free wi-fi. While you work, your kids will play with the latest LEGO® and K-NEX®.

Play place for kids indoor

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

Jess Lair