Critical thinking 💡 is all about asking questions, and making sure you ask the right questions. In simple terms, critical thinking is using information and facts around us to form a judgement or understanding. It is easy for us as people, and especially children, to get stuck in the information that we already have in our minds. But critical thinking allows us to expand beyond what we already have in our minds, and use the information around us to help. Having children begin to learn and master this skill at a young age will make it that much easier for them to continue to grow this skill as they grow themselves!


An important part of critical thinking is being able to understand that what is right or best for some people may not be best for others, and that different people all have different thoughts and things that they need in different situations.  Everyone is different and unique in so many ways, and that is what makes each and everyone of us so special!


Benefits of critical thinking include:

 ➡ Promotes curiosity

 ➡ Encourages learning from others 

 ➡ Helps children to evaluate information

 ➡ Teaches problem solving skills

 ➡ It is more than just learning, it is a skill for life!


This video gives some examples of ways to enhance critical thinking skills in children.

Teaching critical thinking 💡 can take a very long time to practice, but if we begin the process of learning to think critically with children, they will be able to master this skill for the rest of their lives!

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