Has math become your child’s worst nightmare? Are they finding it dull and difficult? It can be quite tricky to stimulate your child’s interest in math, but boosting their enjoyment can lead to better results! So, how can we help children develop a positive outlook towards math? There’s several different ways to do this, but one of the most effective is using mental math! 

Mental math can provide a lot of amazing  😀 benefits, including:


 ➡ Stimulating brainpower (especially the left side!)

 ➡ Improving memory

 ➡ Improving visualization skills

 ➡ Increasing problem-solving skills

 ➡ Reducing errors

 ➡ Reducing math related anxiety 

 ➡ Make math more fun by trying outside the box activities!


The most important benefit for kids is that mental math can help them improve their comprehension and number sense tremendously! 💡

By learning to solve math problems in their heads first, children develop a deep understanding of how numbers and math concepts work. Your children won’t just be memorizing concepts they learn at school, they will truly understand them! This leads to less errors, and also can boost children’s confidence in their math skills.


Mental math can also spark curiosity in math! By trying new exercises and approaches, children can become more excited about math.

Below we’ve included some resources to get them started:

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