Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga


This Prenatal Yoga class uses postures, breathing, and meditation to help ease pregnancy,

delivery, and after effects of birth. Our classes create strength, focus, flexibility and

awareness through a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant woman’s needs.

As a Mom-to-be, there are many healing benefits to reap from a regular yoga practice during

your pregnancy. It is important to consult your doctor, midwife or obstetrician before regularly

practicing any type of physical activity during pregnancy. As your belly grows, your hips and

spine compensate, your spine curvature increases and your hips tighten. Yoga poses will

allow you to relieve some of the intense pressure by strengthening, loosening and breathing

deeply into the areas of tension. Pregnant women who practice yoga are better prepared for

labor and delivery. Yoga helps you to trust that your body will open. When we are afraid, we

tighten up, that tightening leads to a fear-tension pain cycle. This can sabotage a women’s

efforts to remain calm and present in labor, especially if she hopes to experience childbirth

with minimal or no pain medication. Women who practice prenatal yoga regularly experience

a healthier pregnancy overall. Pain relief from common pregnancy complaints, such as lower

back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath and carpal tunnel syndrome.

By Stretching and toning muscles you can help blood circulate throughout the body in a

healthy way. Deep breathing can bring much needed oxygen to your body and your own

muscles. There are many benefits to practicing prenatal yoga including: body awareness and

increased connection to your baby. Yoga slows you down and allows you to tune into your

body on a very deep level. Yoga is all about balance, physically and emotionally. Relieves

back pain and relaxes the nerve system and helps balance energy. Helps you to become part

of your community and make friends with like minded women.


Duration of the Class: 1 hour
Duration of the Program: 4 weeks
Day & Time:   Tuesday’s, from January 8, 2019.  11am – 12 pm
Investment:  $100 for a 4 week series
Please bring your yoga mat, comfy clothes, small blanket and bottle of water.
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