The Island of Jumanji (Aug 26-30) week # 9

The Island of Jumanji (Aug 26-30) week # 9


  • Day & Time: August 26-30. 2024,  9am – 4pm (extended care available)
  • Flex Drop Off: from 8:45 am, daily
  • Duration of the Camp: Monday – Friday, 1 week
  • Ages: 4 -10 years old

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Game On! You’ve been trapped inside the epic world of Jumanji, and you need to escape by the end of the week!

Each level of Jumanji Camp is full of exciting quests, games, challenges, experiments, crafts, and more!

An escape room, obstacle course, or explosive experiment may stand between you and leveling up! But make sure you don’t lose your lives!

Ready to play…..?