Time Travellers (Aug 14-Aug 18) week # 7

Time Travellers (Aug 14-Aug 18) week # 7


Back To The Future will transport your child all over history to go on an epic adventure!
Years ago, a magical artifact was hidden through time, and we need YOUR child to help us find it! From pirates to knights to prehistoric times, every day is full of excitement!
  • Day & Time: Aug 14-18.,2023 (extended care available)
  • Flex Drop Off: from 8:45am daily
  • Duration of the Camp: Tuesday – Friday, 1 week
  • Ages: 4 -10 years old

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Has your child ever dreamed of becoming a time traveler?

At this camp, your child will explore history by being transported to a different time!

From Medieval Times to the Future, your child will have a week full of exciting time travel!

They will transform into awesome new characters, and the program is full of STEM, craft, and fun activities. We will also take them on fun outdoor field trips for fun in the sun!