Are you looking for a way to strengthen your child’s communication skills? Looking to spark creativity and curiosity? Interested in finding a way to entertain your child away from a screen, that is educational while still being fun?

Reading and writing just might be your answer!


Some benefits of reading and writing include: 

 ➡ Communication skills 

 ➡ Strengthens and exercises the brain

 ➡ Builds vocabulary 

 ➡ Promotes creativity and imagination

 ➡ Creates a sense of curiosity and excitement to learn new things

 ➡ Enhances concentration

 ➡ Reading and writing can be a great form of entertainment that is away from a screen!


From a young age, children start developing their language skills through hearing others speak, and having books read to them. When beginning to form communication skills, young children use drawn pictures and attempts at writing to be able to communicate what they are feeling and experiencing.  The benefits of reading and writing begin from a very young age, and continue through to adulthood.


This resource gives some great information about the importance of reading for not only children, but everyone!


This video gives us information about why we should learn to write, and how writing is used as an important tool for communication.


Reading and writing are important to things that we do everyday, whether we realize it or not. Being able to read and write gives us a way of communicating and learning about people and cultures from all over the world, as well as right in our own backyards! Next time you’re looking for a fun activity that also helps you learn, look no further than a new book or a notepad and a pen!

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