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Kaleidoscoppe In-Class Workshops complement and expand upon the Science and Technology, Math, Language and Arts Curriculum. The experiential nature of the workshops engages and excites students about the curriculum concepts while allowing them to reach their full potential through application based learning.


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Classes that Children Want to Never End

At Kaleidoscoppe enrichment classes, participants explore, learn, construct and design models using Dash & Dot, LEGO® bricks, and K-NEX. Students participate in 6-8 week sessions for one hour each week focusing on exciting themes including Robotics, Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings, Various Weather Conditions and more. Instructional content includes concepts of friction, gravity, torque, scale, gears, axles and beams.

Working with a partner, students will obtain hands-on experience of seeing a model come together from concept to completion. Problem-solving skills, teamwork, and self-esteem are emphasized and enhanced.

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